Doctor Marta Nieto was born in Cuba, she then came to the United States in 1988 and obtained her license in Dentistry in 1992 at the University of Florida. Since then, Doctor Marta Nieto has been serving all of her patients with beautiful smiles. Doctor Nieto was the president and is a current member of CEOLA-HELO (an association of Hispanic Dentists all around the United States). Doctor Nieto was also the Spanish speaker for the biggest Dental insurance company, Delta Dental. Doctor Nieto has always welcomed patients no matter what with arms wide open. Doctor Nieto has also treated and helped many Newspersons as well as television artists and has since then built a friendship with all of her patients. Her office makes you feel right at home, relaxation has always been the key and making her patients feel welcomed has always been the number one rule.

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